An Extension of Your Design Team

An Extension of Your Quality Plan

Delivering trust.

An Extension of Your Design Team

Cable assemblies aren’t rocket science, but then again…

An Extension of your Value Chain

The value of speed.

The cable assembly is often the last thing considered during the product design phase, and that means two things for the harried design engineer: 

  • There’s little time to research, evaluate and select appropriate interconnect solutions.
  • Your overall product design is largely set in stone, putting very specific and often complex performance, physical and environmental restrictions on the harness design.

These time and design restrictions put the design engineer in a box. It’s our role to help you get out of that box, to serve as a trusted advisor, helping to quickly develop an interconnect solution that’s robust, elegant, cost effective and highly manufacturable. Over time, it’s our role to continually evolve with your spec, refining our approach, our processes and our techniques in response to your changing technical demands.

Put our experience to work. Let’s talk about the application you’re working on and how we can help solve your interconnect design challenges.