An Extension of your Value Chain

An Extension of Your Quality Plan

Delivering trust.

An Extension of Your Design Team

Cable assemblies aren’t rocket science, but then again…

An Extension of your Value Chain

The value of speed.

Going faster. Doing more. Focusing limited operational and financial resources on driving growth. These are the reasons you engage with any contract manufacturer. While building cable assemblies is what we do for a living, we realize it’s not what customers are buying from us. What they’re buying is speed, flexibility, consistency and certainty.

  • Speed in responding to RFQs and delivering first articles.
  • Flexibility in how products are planned, scheduled, packaged, labeled and shipped.
  • Consistency in the quality of our output: the products we build and the commitments we make.
  • Certainty that comes from partnering with a supplier who performs, who reliably does what they say they’re going to do, all the time.

At Mega Techway, we’ve built our business around the promise of doing whatever our customers need us to do… today. Let’s talk about how we can enhance your value chain.