Cooling systems for data centers and server farms

Application: Cooling systems for data centers and server farms 

Project breadth: $7 million; 2500 assemblies to one location

Harness & assembly types:

  • Multi-conductor power and data cables
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Discrete wire assemblies

Customer needs and challenges:

  • Quote response
  • New order start up
  • Lead time
  • Quality
  • Scheduling flexibility

Project summary:

The customer had traditionally manufactured all of their cable assemblies in-house at a plant in Mexico and had decided to send production out to a contract manufacturer. Their decision was fueled primarily by two factors: 

  • Their cable assembly operation was consuming a lot of time and resources yet was core neither to what made them successful as a company nor to what made them successful in the marketplace.  
  • Numerous and ongoing scheduling, delivery and quality problems.  

Once having made the difficult decision to get out of the cable assembly business, the customer was eager to make the change happen quickly. They put their 2000 assemblies out for bid to ten potential candidates with the goal of selecting a vendor within 30 days and transitioning the business within six months. Only one vendor met the quote deadline (which was then extended to accommodate late vendors) and only one vendor – the same firm –could commit to transitioning 2000 assemblies within six months: Mega Techway (MTI).

The customer selected MTI and began the complex transition phase. The transition was managed in waves organized by product families and, at the customer’s discretion, ended up taking longer than six months. But the transition was smooth and orderly, and the customer was quickly relieved of managing a large-scale cable assembly operation. This freed them to shift their focus and dedicate the new-found time, energy and resources to the unique aspects of their business that defined them as a company and made them successful in the marketplace.

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