Emergency vehicle lighting

Market: Non-automotive Transportation

Project breadth: $400,000; 50 assemblies

Harness & assembly types: 

  • Environmentally sealed single and multi-conductor assemblies

Customer needs and challenges: 

  • Automotive industry experience
  • Design experience placing digital electronics in harsh environments
  • Lower labor costs

Project summary:

The customer is a designer and manufacturer of lighting systems for emergency vehicles (ambulances, police cars, firetrucks, etc.) They were a successful startup that had quickly outgrown their early small suppliers who had neither the capital nor the technical expertise to support the customer’s rapidly expanding needs. They needed a wire assembly supplier with characteristics and abilities their current suppliers did not possess:

  • Significant experience deploying digital design and electronic interconnect in an automotive environment
  • Large enough in size to have the financial wherewithal to support their own fast growth, but small enough to still possess the small-company flexibility and agility the customer’s business required
  • Manufacturing resources in a lower labor cost market

The customer found Mega Techway via a referral from another Mega Techway automotive customer. The customer furnished Mega Techway with a small pilot group of assemblies to first quote and then prototype. The prototype validation run then led to production orders for those assemblies. Within six months, the customer transitioned all of their production cable assembly requirements to Mega Techway.

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