An Extension of Your Quality Plan

An Extension of Your Quality Plan

Delivering trust.

An Extension of Your Design Team

Cable assemblies aren’t rocket science, but then again…

An Extension of your Value Chain

The value of speed.

Quality = Trust. 

Mega Techway is a UL/CSA certified manufacturing operation and is both ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 1694:2016 certified. And while industry certifications convey a commitment to quality, we know that certifications by themselves don’t earn your trust. Ultimately, trust is earned over time through the quality and consistency of our output – the products we build, the processes we manage, the documents we produce and our communications.

We also know that trust is difficult to win and easy to lose. Perhaps the best measure of Mega Techway’s quality and the trust we’ve earned with customers is that they don’t leave us. Our average customer tenure is greater than five years and we’ve never had a customer fire us over a quality or service issue.

At Mega Techway we are committed to delivering the reliable performance, quality and communications that earns customer trust. We’d like the opportunity to earn your trust.