Mega Techway serves a broad range of the most demanding electronics markets. Each industry brings its own set of often unique design demands, labeling and documentation requirements, certifications and quality system standards. This broad market experience means two things for our customers: 

  • First, it means that the equipment and processes we’ve put in place satisfy the requirements of the most demanding electronics customers.
  • Second, it means that we’ve likely already faced (and solved) the design/manufacturing/logistics problems you’re facing today. 

The markets that Mega Techway is active in today include:

  • Appliances / Consumer Durable Goods
  • Automotive / Commercial Vehicles
  • Critical Power / Power Distribution
  • Industrial Controls / Capital Equipment
  • Medical Instrumentation / Healthcare
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment

Selecting a Contract Cable Assembly Partner

Picking the right contract cable assembler can be a daunting and deceptively complex task.  Because you’re integrating the contract cable assembler into your supply chain to a degree you don’t typically integrate component and raw material suppliers, there are factors to be considered beyond just product quality and on-time delivery performance.

Over the years, we’ve been on all sides of this supplier evaluation: We’ve been the customer buying contract manufacturing services, the supplier selling contract manufacturing services, and the raw material supplier supporting both the OEM andtheir contract manufacturing partner.  This breadth of experience has given us, we think, a unique perspective on the contract manufacturer evaluation and selection process. 

To help you with your evaluation, we’ve consolidated this experience and the lessons we learned into a primer on evaluating and selecting a contract cable assembly partner.  This primer was published in the electronics industry magazine, Connector Supplier, in August 2019.

Download “How to Select a Contract Manufacturer”