Power tools: drills, sanders, staplers, nail guns, jig saws, miter saws, etc.

Market: Appliance

Project breadth: $1.5 million; 300 assemblies to three locations in two countries.

Harness & assembly types: Simple multi-conductor harnesses, single leads with contact and connector

Customer needs and challenges:

  • Incumbent supplier went bankrupt causing a line-down situation
  • Scheduling flexibility and responsiveness 
  • Quality
  • Price

Project summary:

Mega Techway (MTI) had been invited in as a supplier on a handful of assemblies, ostensibly to keep the primary vendor honest. Very suddenly and without warning, the primary vendor went bankrupt leaving the customer hanging without product to meet the bulk their current production schedule. 

The customer approached Mega Techway for help. The ability MTI had already demonstrated with the small slice of business awarded them combined with its strong financial position convinced the customer that MTI would be capable of supporting their full production needs. Mega Techway immediately assumed manufacturing responsibility for more than 100 assemblies in an all-hands-on-deck emergency. Within two weeks, MTI was shipping the customer products and within two months, MTI was meeting the customer’s full production demand; the situation had been fully stabilized. 

Based on the success of this project, over the ensuing 24 months the customer outsourced an additional 200 assemblies to Mega Techway in support of two additional plants located in other countries. As a final measure of the success of the partnership, at the conclusion of their most recent fiscal year, the customer named Mega Techway their Supplier of the Year.

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