Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Market: Industrial Equipment

Project breadth: 75 assemblies: $1.5 million

Harness & assembly types:

  • Custom switch assemblies
  • Complex wire harnesses

Customer needs and challenges:

  • Reliability and quality issues
  • Design and manufacturability challenges
  • Strict raw material source control & traceability

Project summary:

The customer was having switch field failures due to a weak harness design. They were struggling to develop a solution on their own and getting little help from their existing supplier. In desperation, they put a design challenge out to that supplier plus three potential new suppliers – including Mega Techway – to improve the reliability of the design. Mega Techway proposed a two-pronged solution consisting of a custom-designed connector backshell and environmental boot plus custom-machined nylon switch stems.

Over the next 12 months, the customer performed extensive failure testing on each of the submitted design proposals. Of the four proposals, Mega Techway’s was the only one to significantly improve the performance of the customer’s design. Connector pull test results improved from 30 to 50 lbs. and switch cycle test results improved from several thousand to more than four million cycles, far exceeding both the performance limitations of the other components in the system and the customer’s expectations.  

Based on the success of their design challenge, the customer immediately awarded the business for this assembly to Mega Techway, ultimately sourcing 100% of their cable assembly spend (an additional 75 assemblies) with Mega Techway over the following 12 months.

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